JLT6012 Vehicle-Mount Terminal Upgrade

JLT6012 Vehicle-Mount Terminal Upgrade

JLT Mobile Computers has launched an upgraded version of its powerful and versatile JLT6012 vehicle-mount terminal.

  • The system will be shown at next week’s TOC Europe in Rotterdam, Stand D15.

With its vehicle-mount terminals seeing day-to-day use in leading port operations around the world, the upgraded JLT6012 terminal leverages JLT Mobile Computers’ extensive global domain expertise and incorporates essential features that address many of the current and future operational and profitability requirements at these important sites, especially in relation to:

  • 5G and WIFI 6, for faster low-latency connectivity
  • Enhanced data security and integrity
  • Consistent high operational throughput
  • Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Unmatched user satisfaction

According to Peter Lundgren, port segment manager EMEA at JLT Mobile Computers: “The new JLT6012 vehicle-mount terminal has been designed with port managers’ pressing operational needs in mind; and not just the challenges they are facing today, but those that they will see in the future too.

“In port operations, vehicle-mount terminals offer far superior operational equipment effectiveness (OEE) and total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to other mobile IT solutions, which is why we invest significant time, money, and effort into their further research and development, with the JLT6012 terminal being a perfect result.

“In modern, digitally transformed supply chains, complete uninterrupted connectivity is essential, which is why our new vehicle-mount terminals are also available with WWAN/5G capabilities. Because all traffic is encrypted, port customers can deploy bespoke-, local- or public-infrastructure cloud solutions, with the confidence that their information remains secure.”

The JLT6012 terminal incorporates a Projective Capacitive Touch (PCT) JLT PowerTouch screen. This screen technology is a core element of the JLT6012 product, delivering device longevity with an almost indestructible touchscreen operator interface without sacrificing user input capabilities – even with gloves on. An auto-dimmable high-bright display with great contrast, and high performance, make the computer very responsive and give the user an experience second to none.

JLT Mobile Computers has launched an upgraded version of its powerful and versatile JLT6012 vehicle-mount terminal.

“The markets we serve are changing constantly,” explains Lundgren.

“New technology, tighter legislation, wider variety, and the explosion in digital capabilities are all compounding the need for our customers to work smarter, faster, more accurately, and more securely. We analyze these global trends and listen to what our users need in terms of operational performance, and then develop cutting-edge solutions that will serve them for years to come.”

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