Improved Walkie Straddle Stacker

Improved Walkie Straddle Stacker

Crown Equipment Corporation is updating its stacker lineup with the new small footprint M 3000-20 walkie straddle stacker.

The M 3000-20 delivers better visibility, productivity and maneuverability for stacking, moving and managing product in retail, small warehouses and other businesses needing to optimize their space.

“The M 3000-20 improves upon and replaces the Crown M walkie straddle stacker with design changes and new features that raise productivity, ease of use and versatility,” said Ethan Hayes, Class 3 product manager, Crown Equipment.

“With a shorter head length, quieter operation and a 2,000-lb. capacity, the M 3000-20 is right at home in smaller spaces,” said Hayes. “And when it’s time to get to work, this new stacker stands out with an additional lift height of 144 inches – one more pallet position on the rack, double the lifting speed, nearly twice the lowering speed, adjustable straddles and a game-changing feature, the Crown X10 Handle.”

The ergonomically designed X10 Handle improves operator comfort and allows the operator to control the vehicle while standing safely to the side. This improves the operator’s view and the stacker’s maneuverability. The handle includes a thumbwheel, raise/lower buttons and a brake override feature. Brake override enables the M 3000-20 to travel with the handle in a near vertical position while staying within the footprint of the truck. Crown stackers provide a significantly tighter turn radius than typical rider counterbalance lift trucks.

The ergonomically designed X10 Handle improves operator comfort.

The M 3000-20 can be used in many applications as a mobile workstation, which can be precisely positioned to improve productivity and comfort. Also, available is an optional snap-on work platform  that creates a work surface for a variety of applications.

Other options include Work Assist accessories, keyless on/off, remote raise/lower control, fork locks, load backrest, a soft start hydraulic package and Crown’s InfoLink operator and fleet management system, which monitors performance and utilization of connected equipment, people and processes.

The M 3000-20 joins Crown’s wide-ranging family of stackers, including straddle, reach, counterbalance and fork over models that address specific applications and challenges.

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