ClearSky Smart Fleet

ClearSky Smart Fleet

JLG has launched ClearSky Smart Fleet, a two-way fleet management and communications platform that evolves one-way connectivity into true fleet interactivity from the office to the job site.

ClearSky Smart Fleet is a two-way fleet management and communications platform.

State-of-the-art technology combines analyzers, telematics, productivity apps and more into a single beacon, soon to be standard on most JLG equipment, unlocking seamless, two-way data transmission using the dedicated ClearSky Smart Fleet mobile app and web portal.

  • Perform wireless diagnostics using the mobile app
  • Instantly identify a machine’s status, fuel or battery level and more
  • Digitize your daily tasks through the web portal
  • Simplify equipment tracking and reporting
  • Integrate JLG-rich data into your in-house solution

A video about ClearSky Smart Fleet can be viewed here.

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