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VandenBrook Named IAM Robotics CEO

IAM Robotics has named Lance VandenBrook CEO. VandenBrook, who has been serving as an advisor to IAM Robotics, joins the team with years of experience in robotics and logistics.

Building on recent accomplishments, IAM Robotics will hone its strategic direction and grow as a company under VandenBrook’s leadership. VandenBrook previously held key positions with Kiva Systems, Aria Insights, and Takkion Holdings, among many other supply chain businesses. He brings expertise in sales as a worldwide sales leader for Kiva, and his experience in material handling will be instrumental to IAM Robotics’ success.

VandenBrook discussed joining the IAM Robotics team, as well as his vision for the company’s future. “IAM Robotics has built a solid foundation and is poised for growth. I am excited to be joining the company during this time and I look forward to what our future holds,” he said.

IAM Robotics has named Lance VandenBrook CEO.

VandenBrook transitions into the CEO role as founder and CTO, Tom Galluzzo, refocuses his efforts on his love of problem solving and engineering. As CTO, Galluzzo will continue to provide leadership, with a strong focus on continuing to grow the development team and the future technical direction of the company.

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