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Fortna Client and Associate Recognized

Fortna client, Doug Romain, of American Sugar Refining Inc.; and Dr. Kevin Gue, Fortna Associate, have both been named recipients of the 2020 prestigious DC Velocity Rainmakers list.

Highlighted in their July issue, the two supply chain professionals were selected as each are “united by a common goal of advancing the logistics and supply chain management profession.”

Doug Romain, senior vice president global supply chain at American Sugar Refining (ASR), has been a catalyst in transforming the organization’s worldwide supply chain. He leads multiple operational initiatives that leverage new technologies and standardized processes to support best practices and drive improved service levels and reduced costs across six countries.

With recent skyrocketing demand for ASR’s essential products such as Domino Sugar, Romain partnered with Fortna to design and implement a new distribution infrastructure that supports increased capacity, throughput and growth while reducing order fill time.

Kevin Gue, senior director of research and development at Fortna, leads development of models and algorithms to support the design and control of distribution processes including warehousing, order fulfillment, material handling, and the company’s premier FortnaWES.

As in the past, DC Velocity selected the 2020 Rainmakers in concert with members of the magazine’s Editorial Advisory Board from candidates nominated by readers, board members, and previous Rainmakers and DCV Thought Leaders.

Having received his Ph.D. from the Georgia Institute of Technology and prior to joining Fortna, he spent 25 years as a professor of industrial engineering, most recently holding the Duthie Chair for Engineering Logistics at the University of Louisville. Gue received the respected Technical Innovation in Industrial Engineering Award, along with Dr. Russ Meller, Fortna vice president, solution design and research and development, for his research on aisle designs for unit-load warehouses and is co-inventor of GridSequence, a material handling system patented in 2015.

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