Creform Workstation

Creform Workstation

Creform Corporation has developed a workstation to assemble cargo management solutions for commercial vehicles.

  • The custom designed workstation can be set up in a straight line or a U-shape to support one-piece-flow assembly practices. 

Due to the flexibility of the Creform system of pipe and joints, the custom configurable workstation with dimensions of  80″ W x 36″ L x 59″ H allows the manufacturer to optimize its floor space. This flexibility makes it easy to add or remove associates as manufacturing needs change. The station could be run with one person or two if more production is needed.

The unit features a plastic work surface across the entire front and above that work surface is a shelf for part storage. 

The customization includes a space between the top surfaces to provide product support but also allows part of the product to extend below the surface. Above the works surface is a shelf for high-volume parts storage, while below are additional shelves for parts or supplies. It boasts heavy-duty leveling feet that adjust to the flow of the floor surface.

The workstation lends itself to both complex assemblies with many parts or mixed model production for simpler assemblies. It boasts heavy-duty leveling feet that adjust to the flow of the floor surface. Parts or supplies replenishment can be performed on the back side of the structure preventing interruptions to the assembly operator working at the station.

It is built with blue colored plastic-coated 28 mm steel pipe and clamped together with metal joints and is available as an assembled structure or kit with pre-cut pipes for quick on-site assembly. Creform designed and fully assembled the structure.

Assembled structures are a great starting point for any customer. After delivery and introduction, a user can take advantage of Creform’s flexibility by changing the station’s configuration and features to best match the needs of their production process and manufacturing associates.

Creform 28mm assembly workstation.

The modular design allows a user to add only the accessories needed and  configure the station that works best today and then change it tomorrow as needs change by taking advantage of the Creform system’s flexibility.

Further, workstations can be mobile or stationary. For even heavier duty applications they can be built using Creform’s unique 42mm pipe and are available with options such as drawers and shelves for storage, various pipe colors, casters instead of feet, tools and cup holders.

Useful accessories for such a station include overhead light, computer screen, shelves, additional flow lanes, drawers, information sheet holders, label holders, tool storage, and hooks to hang tools and supplies. All Creform workstations can be configured for ESD components when sensitive electronics need to be protected. 

  • The Creform system is used to create an array of material handling and efficiency enhancing devices and is a proven component in continuous improvement and lean manufacturing programs. The company partners with customers in developing custom solutions to enhance these programs.
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