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National Rack Repair Offers Rack Avenger

National Rack Repair Inc., an Indiana-based integrator of industrial storage and safety products, is now the North American home of the Rack Avenger.

National Rack Repair holds the exclusive license to market the Rack Avenger repair kits throughout North America. Additionally, National Rack Repair will hold the responsibility for product sourcing decisions including its newest manufacturing partner, SpaceGuard Products. 

Eddie Murphy, CEO of National Rack Repair, said: “Distribution and warehousing are growing at a record rate given the current pressures on our supply chain to meet customers’ growing needs for products in a shortened timeframe. That growth requires more distribution centers, a high percentage utilizing vertical storage systems to optimize the facility’s cubic storage capacity. Those systems, in turn, can endure a great deal of damage from mobile equipment in the fast-paced world of order picking and fulfilment. That damage can stall operations, cause damage to product and facilities, or even lead to serious injuries.” 

Murphy believes the Rack Avenger fills a huge void in the marketplace. “The majority of rack repair offerings fail in one of two areas,” he said. “Some provide a cheap replacement of the vertical frame that often require continuous and costly replacement. The more robust offerings require timely engineering that often result in unusable storage space for several months.

“The Rack Avenger is the only pre-engineered, field-adjustable repair solution on the market that has been proven to withstand heavy impact. That was my draw to the product. The only thing we needed to solve beyond that was how to build enough product to amply service this rapidly growing opportunity.”

National Rack Repair holds the exclusive license to market the Rack Avenger repair kits throughout North America.

Murphy has previously designed and launched two successful brands since 2012 when he purchased his Indiana-based manufacturing company, SpaceGuard Products. SpaceGuard’s BeastWire Mesh Guarding security fencing and lockers, and RageWire machine guarding brands “were created in the same spirit as the Rack Avenger: flexible designs that can be stocked with minimal components to minimize lead times while allowing for enough configurations to service a broad range of needs.”

Murphy added: “The Rack Avenger is a great fit with our other brands. We can continue to focus on servicing the safety needs of our industrial distribution and manufacturing customer base. And we can grow this great brand with added manufacturing capacity and the reputation we’ve built to back it up.” 

Murphy will continue to serve as President of SpaceGuard Products. He also remains dedicated to industry stewardship with an active role in several key professional associations. Murphy currently serves on the Board of Governors for the Material Handling Industry (, and as President of Woven Wire Products Association ( He previously served as the charter Chair of the Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association (

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