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Bridger Howes is a specialized public relations company that offer a myriad of marketing services for equipment manufacturers in the lifting and material handling industries.

We create content for businesses that presents them and their executives as thought leaders where target audiences go for information. Through ghost-written blogs, social media posts, and other content, Bridger Howes raises the profile of clients so they reach and sustain status as trusted authorities in their marketplaces.


An industry is inspired and led by its thought leaders— those who make it their mission to educate audiences and share information for a sector’s collective gain. Good bloggers are seen as pioneers, educators, campaigners, and industry leaders—the kind of people existing and prospective customers want to buy from.

We help clients transfer their vision for continued improvement into content that addresses a market and generates positive interest in an individual, their cause, and / or a brand. With our help, many of our customers now address communities of evangelical supporters on a variety of content platforms.

Bridger Howes also works with clients to produce press releases, articles, case studies, newsletters, company magazines, and more.

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Our journalists are skilled in the art of turning technical press releases and documentation into digestible texts. The team of writers with newspaper and B2B publishing experience understand the importance of accurate, written copy. Bridger Howes communications are always built on foundations of accuracy and readability.

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