How To Learn From Someone Who Does Not Like You

Have you ever wondered how to deal with someone who doesn’t like you? Have you ever thought maybe, just maybe, you could learn from them? Most likely, no. So this may sound like the strangest or possibly most hypocritical read you will ever come across. All my life I have been happier when I know […]

A Brake from the Norm

In the first of a series of guest articles exclusively published in Lift & Hoist International LHI, Tad Dunville, regional sales manager at Pintsch Bubenzer USA LLC, advises high-end manufacturers looking to diversify and apply a product to a new marketplace.           Many components in the industrial world can be applied […]

Loading Dock Safety Tips

Forklift accidents cost businesses more than $135 million each year, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration — and that’s only one type of accident that can occur on the loading dock. Truck drivers and warehouse workers must take full responsibility for creating a safe working environment in the warehouse and on the loading […]

Steel the Show

Camron Ghanemi makes a long-awaited return to the blogosphere as the vice president of Ace World Companies looks forward to this month’s (May) Iron & Steel Technology Conference and Exposition. It’s been a while since I penned a blog—we’ve been handing the baton around the company’s thought leaders—but it’s timely to interject on the cusp […]

Selling a Crane Company

Why should we care that a company’s founder keeps the first set of product blueprints on their office wall? Tad Dunville, director of corporate development at Ace World Companies, explains.                 I wish I had a dollar for every overhead crane company that has called itself an “industry […]

Safety at the Loading Dock—a ProGMA Blog

As the latest in a series of educational videos goes live, representatives of the Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association (ProGMA), a product group within trade association Material Handling Industry (MHI), discuss safety at the loading dock.             Much fanfare greeted the launch of ProGMA’s latest video on protective guarding for the […]

Holding Sway

The automotive sector is driving uptake of the latest overhead crane anti-sway technology—and others should follow, says Khalid Sorensen, chief technology officer at PaR Systems and Tad Dunville, director of corporate development at Ace World Companies.         Watch someone at the strings of a marionette puppet; he or she is a picture […]

Part 1 of 5 Part Inspection Blog Series

This article is Part 1 of a 5-part blog series that will cover what professional riggers should consider when performing an in-depth alloy chain sling inspection. Today, we’ll discuss the effect of twisting and bending.                 Consider that chain is evaluated by applying loads in a pure tensile […]

Give us a Brake

Industry should look closer at crane brakes, says Tad Dunville, director of corporate development at Ace World Companies, and Joel Cox, president at Pintsch Bubenzer USA. This blog doesn’t set out to dumb down or simplify electric overhead traveling (EOT) crane brakes; there are inherent complexities to the subject matter. However, we do suggest that […]

Crane Load Testing

In a special edition of the blog, Tad Dunville, director of corporate development at Ace World Companies, and Jim Jota, marketing manager at Water Weights, talk about load testing. Both are also representatives of the Crane Certification Association of America. We can all get stuck in our own wheelhouses in sectors like the crane industry, […]