If you are looking to use material handling outdoors, galvanized products are the way to go. They are weather resistant unlike regular steel equipment, yet less expensive than stainless steel equipment.

The video below shows the galvanization process.  Hot-dip galvanizing involves immersing fabricated steel into a bath of molten zinc. The reaction forms a series of intermetallic layers. The resulting galvanized steel provides strong corrosion resistance and proven durability

Natural Weathering still happens to galvanized products. Even though corrosion protection will still be there, galvanized steel will start to differ in appearance over time. Eventually, the variances in appearance will fade and the coating will become a uniform matte gray.

At A Plus Warehouse, we offer galvanized, pallet trucks, cabinets, work benches, bollards, balers, racking, and more. Galvanized products are popular with our customers.

Galvanized Steel Single Door Cabinets are made with 20 GA steel and come with 4 fixed full-sized shelves.  A spray can caddy and small parts tray is also included. The shelf capacity is 300 pounds. The door has a lockable slam latch and a riveted box channel for extra strength.  Rivit fasteners ensure durability and quality.  Galvanized material makes cabinets suitable in the toughest of environments.

Galvanized Baler is perfect for the manufacturing industry.  Galvanized material makes it better able to withstand heavy use. The baler has a pressing force of 53,000 pounds.

Our Galvanized Pallet Truck is recommended for outdoor use. It has both a galvanized frame and handle. The product also has 210-degree steering.

This guest blog is courtesy of A Plus Warehouse

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