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Industrial Safety Gates in Standard and Custom Designs for Fall Protection

For 35 years we’ve been designing industrial safety gates that provide fall protection, securing the ledges of pallet drop areas and production platforms on elevated work stations, mezzanines, rack pick modules, dock-lifts, loading docks and more – virtually any elevated surface where employees may be working.

Our history in the industry has helped us learn that no two facilities are alike…but every facility must provide fall protection systems that keep employees working at height safe. We focus completely on fall protection, and our safety gate product line includes numerous designs, including the original dual-gate system, the Roly® Safety Gate.

In addition to the Roly safety gate, we’ve created models that can be stand alone or rack supported, which is great for pick modules. The Roly, Tri-Side and Pivot models can all be configured using the existing rack structure for support. We also offer safety gates for pallet flow lanes, and our Open Top gate is great for securing applications using overhead devices.

We also secure the loading dock area, and help employers make safety automatic. We have a loading dock safety gate that can be configured to automatically close when the truck drives away, and a gate to secure dock-lifts for employees moving with the material.

We’ve put together a quick way to identify which safety gate model would be best for your needs; if you want to check solutions by facility type, we can help you with that as well. If one of our standard safety gate designs won’t work for your facility or application, we will design a custom system to meet your needs…it’s our specialty.

Our safety gate models, models will fit into any industrial application and meet or exceed OSHA, ANSI and IBC codes. Our safety gates have been installed in thousands of distribution centers, material handling and manufacturing facilities worldwide, in virtually every industry.

Roly: Industrial Safety Gate for Fall Protection

The Roly safety gate provides fall protection for employees working on elevated areas.

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Protect employees working at height with our industrial safety gates. We have models to provide fall protection in every application: pick modules, pallet flow lanes, production platforms, loading docks, dock-lifts and more.

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