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BlokCam Wireless Camera Systems

BlokCam is an innovative, award-winning, wireless camera system, which can be installed quickly and efficiently to the hook block or boom tip of a crane.  Audio-visuals from below the camera are transmitted wirelessly to a monitor in the cab. This provides clear, real-time AV feeds to the operator of otherwise sight-restricted areas.

Taking Safety to New Heights

Twenty-one percent of tower crane related injuries occur in the area surrounding the hook block.   Fitting BlokCam camera systems gives the operator eyes and ears to make the necessary corrections to avoid any incidents.

The benefits of improved communication and maximised safety all play their part in the contributions to the greater efficiency and enhancement to the productivity of the lifting tasks on any site.  If you can eliminate the blind lift, reduce any corrections and overshoots you will see a drastic improvement in the overall bottom line of that projects lifting plan.

Accessibility within Reach

BlokCam improves projects where time and accessibility are at a premium. BlokCam eliminates the blind lift, giving the operator live AV footage and the ability to see and hear what’s going on below the hook and around the load.

Innovation from the Ground Up

BlokCam’s wireless camera systems lead the way in innovation.  From HD 1080p resolution and high rotation viewing angles, to purpose-built aluminium housing in its sensors.  BlokCam’s transmitters provide audio from hook to cab with recording function, 4G live streaming, and all within 1000m long-range transmission.  Rounded off with a 20hr battery, BlokCam’s wireless camera systems provide high-quality performance with easy and efficient installation.

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