Thank You for a Great ProMat; Our Growing Network

It’s probably been the most uplifting few weeks since was launched last October. Towards the end of last month, we spent a hugely rewarding week in Chicago at the ProMat show, which raised the profile of the product and prompted increased activity on the website on a variety of levels.

A number of new companies have taken listings; a series of industry leading trade titles and other publications have secured a presence on our newsstand; newsletter subscribers have soared; and the Twitter account—@FADNetwork—will soon welcome its 1,000th follower.

Our ongoing growth strategy is based around networking, marketing and promotion on a number of targeted platforms. Supported by advertisements with selected media companies, we will continue to network both at industry events and in the digital community. founder Mark Bridger founder Mark Bridger

ProMat, which took place over four days at McCormick Place, proved how those activities can dovetail. We used the show to meet manufacturers and distributors who have listings on our site, network and mingle with supply chain professionals on the show hashtag on Twitter—#ProMatShow. It’s always great to meet Twitter connections in person!

Importance of our weekly newsletter

We now have over 8,000 subscribers to our newsletter, which we send out every week. We don’t intend this to be a commercial communication; it’s about circulating stories we have posted to our news page over the past week and giving our digital network a tool to click through to the multiple layers of the site.

Straightpoint, which has a great listing on the site, has been in the news recently, for example. They have circulated a new catalog containing a series of new products, and welcomed a new technical sales engineer as it continues to expand, particularly in the Houston, Texas area, where oil and gas is a natural focal point.

Our news page, and the newsletter, captures the diversity of products and applications that are incorporated in my vision for Straightpoint’s load cells, theatre rigging, storage, packaging, drives, warehouses, training and maintenance are just a handful of subjects that have been covered in the past week or so. represents the most rewarding and exciting venture of my career and I’m honored to be able to share its journey with you. Thank you for the ongoing support.

Mark Bridger, Founder

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