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DICA is the #1 World Wide Source for Engineered Outrigger Pads, Crane Pads and Cribbing.

The DICA Outrigger Pad Difference

There are many look-a-like outrigger pads on the market, these are not the same.

SafetyTech Outrigger Pads are engineered from top to bottom. We use a proprietary engineered thermoplastic formula that provides greater stiffness and strength. That performance can be seen in our crush ratings (up to 750 psi), maximum rated capacities (up to 325,000 lbs), FEA modeling and in field use.

SafetyTech Outrigger Pads have been awarded six patents that cover the innovative handle and pad designs that make our pads safe, ergonomic and easy to use. DICA SafetyTech Pads are also the only engineered outrigger pad that is approved and available in 3D Lift Plan.

  • 3D Lift Plan approved
  • Stiffer and stronger proprietary material
  • Awarded six patents
  • Guaranteed Unbreakable
  • Made in the USA

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The DICA Crane Pad Difference

FiberMax crane pads provide better strength, durability, and transportation cost savings than either wood or steel crane pads.

FiberMax crane pads are engineered to provide maximum strength and rigidity for cranes with lifting capacities up to 600 tons. With crush ratings up to 1000 psi and rated capacities of up 375,000 lbs., FiberMax pads provide the same strength properties as steel crane pads but can weigh up to 70% less. This significant weight difference delivers huge transportation savings on every job.

DICA FiberMax Crane Pads are approved and available in 3D Lift Plan.

  • 3D Lift Plan approved
  • Huge Transportation Cost Savings
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • 20+ Year Lifespan
  • Made in the USA

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Inside a FiberMax Crane Pad
The bi-directional internal I-beam design of FiberMax crane pads was originally developed for vehicle bridges. This design is what allows FiberMax pads to distribute concentrated loads over large areas and safely reduce ground bearing pressures.
Available Models
FiberMax thicknesses include; 6.0″, 6.75″ HD, 10.0″ and 12.0″ models. The 6.75 HD pads providing higher crush ratings and maximum rated capacities than the 6.0″ models, without having to move up to a 10.0″ model. This saves you height and weight on the job site and provides significant savings in initial purchase and on-going transportation cost savings.

The DICA Cribbing Difference

This is the only engineered interlocking cribbing solution that safely and easily adds height.

ProStack Interlocking Cribbing provides height for operators in environments where there are significant changes in grade. It is designed to be used under boom trucks, digger derricks, and aerial bucket trucks, or any equipment with outrigger loads that do not exceed 110,000 pounds.

ProStack consists of a base outrigger pad, interlocking cribbing blocks and a high friction top grip pad.  Cribbing wedges are also available to help level the base pad on uneven surfaces.

How it Works

  • The base ProStack Outrigger Pad is positioned first. It’s pyramid-shaped surface is positioned upward to receive the interlocking pyramids on the cribbing blocks.
  • On top of the base pad, operators stack layers of (2) 6”x12”x24” blocks perpendicular to each other.  With their pyramid-shape surface, they lock into the base pad and each other.
  • Lastly, a ProStack Grip Pad is placed on top of the stack to protect the pyramid surface on the blocks and provide a high friction surface for the outrigger foot to grip.
  • In the event that additional height is not needed, the ProStack Outrigger Pad can be used with the Grip Pad which provides protection for the pad and high friction surface for the outrigger foot.

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