Decrease Exposure, Increase Efficiencies

Jerry Burck, president, Crane Buzz, LLC has penned a guest blog for in which he introduces the Production Site Assessment Tool and Overhead Crane Asset Evaluation.

What if there was an easy way to decrease exposure and increase efficiencies relative to overhead lifting in your operation?

Crane Buzz has designed a tool to make this happen—and it comes in the form of a new, and some believe better, alternative method of explaining to owners and users of industrial overhead cranes and hoists how to manage their overhead lifting assets:

Production Site Assessment Tool (PSAT) and Overhead Crane Asset Evaluation

The purpose of the Crane Buzz PSAT is to provide a complete evaluation that measures the effectiveness of all client’s existing and future overhead lifting equipment and related assets.

The PSAT includes, but is not limited to, facilities, process, safety, equipment specifications and human resources.

Crane Buzz takes a Root Cause Analysis approach to all aspects of the operation to identify and target any segments that may be valued as “due for improvement” through “need based” recommendations and planned integration into the larger company mission dynamic.

By design, the PSAT delivers measurement, transparency, accountability and a collaborative approach to managing these assets with the common goal of Continuous Improvement.

Once the Assessment is completed, a comprehensive written report—the Overhead Crane Asset Evaluation—is provided which details the current findings and a comprehensive strategy for a more productive, sustainable, lower cost and safer operation.

Basic Scope of Crane Buzz PSAT Review:

  • 1. Communication
  • a) Terminology
  • b) Reporting
  • 2. Evaluations
  • a) Personnel questionnaire
  • b) Existing equipment survey
  • c) Application requirements
  • d) Equipment maintenance services
  • e) Safety
  • f) Training
  • g) Production allocations and performance
  • 3. Needs/Wants
  • a) Operations
  • b) Safety
  • c) Maintenance
  • d) Management

For more details or information on how to find out if you might benefit from the Crane Buzz PSAT & Asset Evaluation Report, contact: Jerry Burck, president, Crane Buzz, LLC at 513-615-5731, [email protected],

Jerry Burck, president, Crane Buzz, LLC

Jerry Burck, president, Crane Buzz, LLC

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