Fortna Network Strategy Tool

Fortna Network Strategy Tool

Fortna, a consulting, engineering services and software company for warehousing and distribution, has launched a network strategy tool that builds agility and capacity, increasing network resilience.

Based on proprietary algorithms, the Fortna Network Strategy Tool delivers a roadmap to support short- and longer-term facility plans to optimize system performance.

“Disruption and the rapid acceleration of eCommerce require companies to re-examine their distribution network strategy to alleviate inefficiencies, reduce capacity constraints and maintain growth,” said Darren Jorgenson, Fortna Practice Lead, Global Strategy. “By balancing business objectives with data science, the Fortna assessment tool fine-tunes networks and determines the optimal configuration of distribution facilities.”

From small to mid-size to complex transformational projects, Fortna stands ready to help. The Fortna Framework is our proprietary methodology that begins with an assessment of your current state and desired future state.

The Network Strategy Tool comes with a deep bench of operations experts to interpret and apply the data to ensure strategies uniquely meet today’s omnichannel and eCommerce requirements. By analyzing the distribution node locations, facility size and product mix, the Fortna team assesses all workstreams to evaluate the impact of network alternatives and clearly identify the path forward to meet business objectives.

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