TVH TireSocks

TVH TireSocks

TVH America offers a wide variety of TireSocks to help keep floors clean and protected. With numerous sizing options, TVH is able to provide tire covers for a large selection of tires to help limit scuff marks and floor damage made by industrial equipment.

Make sure the equipment is parked on a flat surface with the parking brake on.

Key features

  • TVH’s selection of TireSocks have amazing features to ensure the best quality product. Features include:
  • Heavy-duty reinforced fabric with patches over seams to keep the TireSocks in long-lasting condition
  • Sold in packages of 4 socks that are easily installable
  • Slip-resistant fabric
  • The ability to self-center while driving
  • Machine washable – wash on cold and air dry for best results

Installation tips

  • Make sure the equipment is parked on a flat surface with the parking brake on.
  • Starting at the top of the tire, begin fitting the TireSock over the tire and work down.
  • Rotate the TireSock for best fit and preferred positioning.
  • After the sock is in the desired location, move the equipment about two feet forward to expose the uncovered area. Now the uncovered part of the tire should be exposed to complete pulling the TireSock onto the tire.

Similar products

In addition to TireSocks, TVH offers a large selection of products to help protect equipment and storefronts including safety pads, drip diapers, outrigger socks, track socks, and fork socks. To learn more go to or contact your sales representative.

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