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Lifting Gear Hire is the United States’ largest single organization devoted exclusively to the provision of lifting and moving equipment for rent. LGH holds the most comprehensive inventory for hoisting, rigging, jacking, pulling, material handling, and safety equipment. Our lifting equipment is available for rent from 19 locations throughout the U.S., and our customers are supported by over 45 Rental Representatives nationwide.

lgh-warehouse-webOur inventory has been carefully selected by LGH for its durability and longevity, whether for simple everyday tasks or for special projects where expertise has to be matched with availability of the right equipment, in sufficient quantity. Our inventory is maintained in excellent, and safe condition, for your immediate rental purposes.

We strive to meet our customer’s needs-from the initial consultation to assisting in the correct equipment selection, the efficiency of our quote processing, all the way down to our logistics and distribution systems. We ensure that the right equipment is delivered to the right place at the right time.

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Reduced After Job Disposal - What do you do with purchased equipment that is not needed after a job is complete? Do you keep it or sell it? What if it is broken and needs repair? Don’t want to bother with questions like these? Renting equipment will reduce your after job disposal of equipment.
No Obsolete Equipment - When buying instead of renting, you lock yourself into a long term decision. Renting equipment from LGH guarantees you’ll receive equipment that is clean, certified and ready for safe use.
Accurate Cost Control - Calculating job costs using owned equipment can be difficult. Renting equipment allows you to get a more accurate cost for your project.

Right Tool for the Job - By renting equipment, you can rent the exact piece and quantity needed.
Well Maintained and Ready to Use - Equipment operating conditions can be severe, so equipment must be tough in order to survive and perform well. Renting equipment from LGH guarantees you’ll receive equipment that is durable, certified and ready for safe use.
No Breakdown Problems - LGH carries branded equipment tested to ANSI standards. Equipment comes serviced, certified and ready for safe use.

Minimal Equipment Required - Get the exact equipment needed for the job. Eliminate possible problems or extra expenses that may come from equipment inventory.
No Storage Costs - Renting equipment eliminates the need for equipment storage after job completion. Rented equipment is delivered when and where you need it and retrieved immediately after use.
Reduced Maintenance Expense – Could you benefit from a smaller inventory of equipment needing maintenance and certification? Renting equipment eliminates the need for service and certification because it is taken care of for you.

Reduced Property Tax - Did you know that property taxes are reduced on rented equipment? Renting your next set of equipment can help reduce expenses.
Increased Borrowing Capacity – Renting equipment instead of purchasing can be a convenient and easy process.
Conservation of Capital - You could avoid spending additional money on equipment that may not be used again. Renting equipment can help you conserve capital.

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